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Upgrade to Clarity: Transforming POTS to Possibilities.

Unlock Greater Value

Partnering with POTS Replacement Brokers (PRB) is like having an insider in the world of telecom! With our vast network and deep industry knowledge, we can unlock tremendous cost savings and cutting-edge solutions for replacing your POTS lines. It’s all about getting the biggest bang for your buck and empowering your communications like never before!

Tailored Solutions, Just for You

Your business is unique, and PRB gets that. PRB will become your telecom concierge, handpicking the perfect blend of services that’s tailor-made for your needs. From negotiating the intricate details to ensuring that every feature aligns with your goals, PRB is your key to a bespoke communication experience.

Wave Goodbye to Hassles:

Imagine having a superhero that takes all the telecom troubles off your plate. That’s what PRB does for you! We are your single point of contact who’ll take care of everything – from the maze of paperwork to liaising with service providers. And the best part? They’re in it for the long haul, offering unwavering support and ensuring that your communication lines are always in top form. It’s peace of mind, delivered!

What is POTS Replacement and Why should you care?

POTS Replacement is simply replacing old copper telephone lines with a reliable cellular connection (LTE/5G).  Yes, we’re talking about old landlines. POTS = Landlines.  Who cares?  My business moved to VoIP years ago and it works great.  Only my grandparents still have a landline?

You’re correct in both respects as most businesses have already moved their POTS (or landlines) over to VoIP and your grandparents still have a landline.  Unfortunately for the business owner, VoIP did not replace your POTS that support your Alarm Lines, Fire Panels, Elevators, POS Terminals and Faxlines!

Due the high cost for carriers to support this old POTS technology, the FCC passed a law that allows carriers to increase the price or simply disconnect the service.

Why should you care?  The cost of a POTS line has gone from $40/line to upwards of $300-$1,000/line!  A POT Replacement solution will allow a business to either enjoy immediate cost savings while ensuring future carrier price escalations.


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